Finding A Wood Flooring Specialist For Your Home

Wood Flooring Specialist is a UK-based company working for 12 years for wooden floor installation, floor sanding, and wood flooring restoration. It specialises in floor sanding and fastening all types of wooden floors, whether they are oak, pine, maple, mahogany, beech, bamboo, old, new or parquet flooring. Its highly skilled team installs wooden floors using advanced, dust free machines, providing a cleaner and healthier environment in homes and offices.

Wood flooring is becoming popular as it adds elegance, value, and warmth to the room with lasting glory. Due to the benefits of wooden flooring, Wood Flooring Specialist Swansea carry out floor sanding and restoration with the highest standards possible. It uses the best and most durable materials available that shield and boost the appearance of the wooden floor.

Customers from all areas of South Wales, from Chepstow, Newport and Cardiff to Bridgend, Swansea, and the surrounding areas, can contact Wood Flooring Specialist for wooden floor installation or floor sanding and restoration in their home or office.

Flooring in Swansea

Wood Flooring Specialist provides the following two services in Swansea.

New Flooring

When mounting wooden floors, Wood Flooring Specialist offers a range of materials to choose from, which includes walnut, bamboo, oak, cherry, beach, and Iroko.

Wood can be either glued, nailed, screwed, float or connected. Which technique is used depends on the type of wood used, the old flooring of the room, and the manufacturer's guide.

Nowadays, laminate flooring is being widely used rather than wood flooring. It is made of melamine resin and fiber board materials with the finishing simulating wood, tile, or stone. The reason for its popularity is its low cost as compared to wood and also its ability to absorb moisture that allows it to be installed in bathrooms and kitchens. Moreover, it is easier to install and hygienic to maintain.

Parquetry and Bespoke Flooring

Parquet flooring is designed from a composition of wooden materials that are fused together, cut into wooden blocks, and fitted in different patterns like squares and triangles. The most extensively used design is the herringbone design. The benefit of this type of flooring is that one gets wood flooring in different shapes and colors.

Parquet flooring can be made from any wood including oak, pine, walnut and mahogany. The material is combined and cut into blocks, and these blocks are then installed like tiles.

The most interesting thing about parquet flooring is that no two floors are the same. This is because before fitting, different types of woods are mixed and cut into blocks; each flooring will have a different proportion of wood, resulting in a different texture and color.

The wooden pieces are glued and placed in patterns once the wood has been combined and cut into blocks. After this process, the tiles are sanded down and varnished to maintain their shine and finesse. Parquet flooring is like any wooden flooring as its main component is wood so it is maintained in the same way as any ordinary wood flooring. The only thing to keep in mind is that humidity must be controlled in the room and spillage must be cleaned immediately.